P2P Blocked in my college?


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Hey guys can you help me out with this thing,first of all if this thing doesnt sorts out,i am done with my college life
i went to counselling with my Moto E downloaded UTorrent Bam downloading metadata..... 0% -_-
games keyword blocked..no problem proxy there...
So the question is how to bypass p2p connection
as i am a fresher the first quarter i will go with my Moto E,
so i will download via torrent in moto..
can anyone sujjest me a reference link or an arcticle to how to fool router?


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Zbigz is also being blocked in many colleges now ;) ( also these services like Zbigz, furk, bytebx are useless for free users, they limit the file size and speeds to such low that its better off not using them)


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For mobile i would suggest filestream.me since it has a great Android app really well designed for mobile downloading purpose.

Register and try for a week since they 5GB size limit per torrent file, unlimited number of torrents in a day. After one week torrent size is limited to 1 GB per file if you choose to remain free, yet unlimited 1 GB torrents per day for direct download. And biggest plus is it doesn't limit the speed even for free users, so you can max out almost any connection.

Also the paid service is dirt cheap, a 3 month subscription is 5$ i.e. 300rs only if one is interested in paid subscription.
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