Negative Experience Ordered Xbox series X controller, received Xbox one controller.


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I also kinda agree to it

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If Croma and Reliance Digital store are ready to accept the returns even after 1 week of usage in case the controller developed some problem then its better to buy from there. Otherwise Amazon is the safest place to buy electronics with Amazon Fulfilled sellers because they will refund money if something goes wrong.
Here is my personal experience Negative Experience - gamestheshop dot com : Do not buy console or console accessories from them


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Finally received it. Though this time was no different from the first time I received the product. The whole controller was covered in dust, and I didn't even get the batteries! Though to be fair this was 100rs cheaper and the batteries are of 100 rs. Even the box was the one I received with xbox one controller, I know this as I can recognize the scratch marks in the box that we made by mistake by a delivery boy and the many layers of tape on the seal of the box. First high quality tape was from the series X controller then a cheap homemade one from the Xbox one controller then again a long tape from this controller I received.

One thing I am concerned about is that the controller is showing as this
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instead of the Xbox wireless Controller ( which I received the first time), but everything else matches up.

And so much for the share button, it doesn't even work on PCs!
The controller name for me also is appearing like that. hehe my bad.
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