Optimus G Pro vs Note 2

I am thinking of upgrading my wife and mom's Galaxy S2. The requirement is big screen and a good camera and an android OS. Now I found comparision between Optimus G pro and Note 2. I found the hardware, screen and camera of Optimus G Pro better than Note 2 and still Optimus G Pro is cheaper than note 2.

1) How good is the support of LG smartphones in india?
2) Should I consider Optimus G pro?
3) Although I am impressed with Xperia Z1. But its screen size is small, compared to overall size of the handset. So if Sony has any plan to launch Xperia Z1 successor by MWC. Should i wait?


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Hi Mav,

I use the Optimus G pro model currently lookwise its very good and believe me you should check them near your local stores.
Regarding the Sales and support, there are very few stores 2-3 only near my city who do RMA service.
At least IMO, the Camera quality is bit on downside than note 2. Also note that you may not get software updates regularly.
As i am still on Android 4.1.2 and there are no news that LG will release 4.4 for G Pro.
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