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just went through cpu support list of windows 11 which looks more like a motherbaord rather than a OS :D Hope ms will bring in more processor support but if they don't then there's not much issue. Ms don't need users buying a windows OS anymore it's the os eco system they are relying on and they have already filled their coffers more than enough by other means to last happily for some years to come .. meanwhile they are into experimenting with users playing their dirty games. I know this post seems kinda odd and off to this topic but it is what it is.

The silver lining is with the fall of m$ linux finally had a greater chance to grow.

Pranay Mokida

However, this is unsurprising given that Windows 11 is simply a patch for Windows 10, so if they broke something, they did something wrong. It's not like Windows 11 is a new operating system; it's still the same OS with some features eliminated to make it more "safe" and unique.
Windows 11 is not a new OS? Whatt?
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