No refunds only replacements


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I ordered a redgear mouse mat from Amazon. The tracking of my Logitech mouse was pathetic with the same. So, I told Amazon to take it back and issue a refund. They said that refund is not possible and only replacement can be given and that too once. If the replacement is like the same then they won't be doing anything. When I asked what happened to refund then they said that refunds are available on very few products now and they are issued in rare cases. Just sharing what I got to know. BTW why would the mouse pad give such crap tracking with the mouse? I have a desi mat and it works fine.


Rajiv B N

Right off the assembly line
Amazon has stopped refunds for many items and only replacements are possible.

One of the representatives gave me a workaround though.

Order a pick up and a replacement
Ones the pick up is done, cancel the replacement order
after the return is complete as there is no replacement order, they will refund the amount.

They have stopped refunds because too many people may be returning items after using them causing the sellers losses.
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