New Year 2022 - Resolutions and Opinion thread.


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So since new Year is coming, what are your resolutions/opinions about it or what was something important you learnt this year?

You guys can throw in whatever you think about it. I am also thinking about making it like a time capsule thread which @Vyom did long time back, so yeah this will act as a time capsule also, and will be helpful in knowing the difference of opinions which may come by the end of next year as well as in knowing if you achieved your resolution.

I am putting some of my things

Resolution:- 1)Lose weight which I gained in lockdown
2) Start reading some books...Which I used to do but now that habit has almost zeroed.
3) Do some meditation.

and perhaps thats it. Might as well add something later.

TBH, after whatever happened in 2021, I am not very optimistic about 2022 being changing anything -- Like the COVID situation.

But still others opinion are welcome


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My Resolutions for 2022
  1. Be more fit and maintain good energy levels
  2. Socialize with new people outside my network
  3. Invest time in myself, rather than spending more time overworking or pleasing others.


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Thanks @RumbaMon19
Seems like didn't check forum from a few days. Been quite busy in last month.
Anyway, belated happy new year, and thanks for making this thread.

Let's see, what I want to achieve this year:

1. Learn new technologies like Python and maybe built few projects on it for hands on experience.

2. Make Investment Goals.
Since I already started investing, I would now like to make few goals around it. It sounds simple, but planning decades isn't quite easy, when you have many variable factors like I do.

3. Start reading:
I want to be able to find time for reading too, which I have completely stopped doing. Lately most of my free time, I am spending on YT. Taking in and trying to digest many financial education from past 1.5 years.
But now I want to be able to read few books. Aim is to start with: Elon Musk, Atomic Habits, Rich Dad Poor Dad and the likes.

4. Edit videos:
I have many travel videos that I wanted to edit cinematically. Wanted to do this since long time. Hardly get time to do it.

I don't want to be over ambitious, so I have written whatever I think I can do this year. Will see if I can add something in future but this is the start which I want to do with 2022.

Calling out few members to document these view too:
@aaruni @Desmond @ico @Raaabo @thetechfreak @gameranand


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Well I don't plan on any new year resolution due to human tendency of Procrastination.
Instead will adapt what comes along in 2022. Just like how we evolved as per Darwin over the years.

By the end of 2022 everyone will achieve something in Life including Corona which will have a Bachelor's Degree of Infecting Humans for 4years :)


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Well yes. It's difficult to fulfill resolutions. But it's also important to have in mind a path that could be used as a mind map to atleast be on track.

Btw, by the end of 2022, it would only be 3 years. Seemed like 4 isn't it? Wouldn't blame you.
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