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New Nexus 7 press shots leaked




The new Nexus 7 with 5MP rear, 1.2 front camera running Android 4.3 spotted in a best buy ad.. Best Buy ad featuring it pegs it as a 1,920 x 1,200 display, pricing the 16GB variant of the upcoming tablet at INR 13,673.11 --INR 2,388.32 less than the reported price of the slate's 32GB model.

Phone Arena says the leaked ad is scheduled to run next week, placing the circular's promised Tuesday availability for the Nexus 7 on July 30th. We'll wait for Google to give us the full story on the 24th before jumping the gun

More in here.. @Engadget
New Nexus 7 press shots leaked, spotted in Best Buy ad


Allllright !
You're 3 days late. :p

More leaked specs :


Most probably S4 Pro SOC with Adreno 320 with 2GB RAM.

IMO a jackpot for the rumored price. We all have seen what Google - Motorola have achieved with optimization of mid range specs.
Anyways 1000 times better than Sam$hit.

One issue is that the battery seems to have shrinked to 3950mAh from 4325mAh. :-x Why ASUS Why?

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