*Need urgent help from fellow Members-HP G6 1301tx WiFi Issue*


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I own a G6 1301tx with Win 7...Earlier it used to show three to four access points.First the access point nearest to my room disappeared.Then today a farther access point disappeared and I'm left with no connectivity.
What I cannot understand is how WiFi access pointss can disappear on its own??
My DV6 and my Samsung S3 shows those networks and this issue is exclusive to my laptop.
I tried updating my drivers,uninstalling device from device manager,physically removing the module and resetting it,but it still did not solve the issue.
Please help friends


In the zone
That is a low end broadcom card. You should go to advanced settings tab for device and check the options. Increase the roaming aggresiveness by setting it to high and see. Also see that the antenna is soldered properly to the card. And enable the see all wireless connections option in wireless properties
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