Need to buy a phone, budget 40k plus


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I'm looking to upgrade from my nexus 4, only looking for Android OS .

Shortlisted models

Samsung note 4

Nexus 6

Motorola turbo

I'm more inclined towards the note 4, as the interface, features (s-pen) is different from the nexus 4. The Nexus 6 is a good choice, but the UI is quite similar to the nexus 4. And Moto turbo has the best battery capacity in its class.

I'm no fan of touchwiz, but looking for a change this time around.

Also if there are any other models in this range (from sony, htc etc) or cheaper then do let me know.

Thanks everyone


Get LG G4 instead, since you are coming from N4, you'll hate laggy touchwiz. Atleast LG's ui isn't laggy. (Source: Myself. Using a ported stock G3 kitkat rom on my e970)

Edit: Wait for Nexus 5 (2015)
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Lollipop Touchwiz made my friend's S4 smoother...

So I guess, Note 4 should be smooth(never used one) & I have personally used S6, which is great

LG G4 has an average battery life compared to other devices in that price range (definitely much better than N4)
So better check Note 4 or Nexus 6(i personally won't recommend it due to not so good camera)

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Most probably LG
Upcoming Nexus 5 (2015) posts a 85K score in AnTuTu - news

If you can wait, wait for it...
Check for its initial reviews & price before buying

For me, Nexus 6 doesn't justify its price...... N4 & N5 were priced better


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Yep, the average battery life is one of the reasons I haven't considered the G4.

Like anupam_pb said What worries me about the note 4 is whether it'll lag, I've heard people say note 3 lags after 6-12 months of usage. This is where the moto turbo comes in..

And is there any chance that the nexus 5 will be releasing this month?


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Go for Note 4, that seems the only wise choice at that budget.

Have been using a Note 3 for eight months or so, there were very minimal lags on KitKat, and now with Lollipop even that is almost gone. But still Pure Android will be pure Android, but I don't know what you will get anyway. Xperia Z3 Plus maybe, or whatever it is, Sony's UI is very close to AOSP, you know that already though.

I don't know what battery life G4 has, don't care, but a phone which has over 7000+ K display temp and that too comes at that small cost is really something achieving.
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