Need suggestions on buying battery for an old laptop


Hello all,


Been a long time. So, I have a laptop which I bought roughly when I joined the Digit forum. Within 3 to 4 years, Battery started giving trouble (charge will last for only one to half an hour). But It was enough to save(any work) and shutdown. Even the laptop used sound a warning if the battery is too low (about 10 mins remaining).
But now the situation is completely changed. Though the battery is still sitting in its place, it does not do anything. When power goes, laptop switches off as if there were no battery.
I am planning to buy a new battery for the laptop. But the problem is, there are many non-branded batteries which I can't trust (found on sites like ebay and amazon). Can any one please share any place where I can buy a reliable battery? (though not a branded one)? Online or offline?
I prefer original branded one (lenovo) if possible.

Laptop details -
Make : Lenovo
Model : Thinkpad SL400c

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