Need reliable Internet connection Unlimited Mbps with huge FUP or no such

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I had some bad experience with Tikona. And currently some troubles with mtnl connection (I have little control and cannot check since it is not under my administration). I would rather get one good one under my name.

Experts here! Please recommend me.
If you are ISP rep, pls offer me good plan too.

My budget is 2000-4000 Rs. And currently, there are two users in my place, will be 4 users soon.

My address is

Sharad Parte
Galassia, I.C. Extension,
Off Link Road, Kandarpada,
Dahisar (W),
Mumbai - 400 068
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@OP: for security purposes never give personal details (Address,email,phone no etc) in public forums remove it.
also how much is your speed requirement?


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@Zangetsu: Thank you for your advice on security measure. My info is only building address (more of a block address) that some nasty people will have no use at all. :p. That much information is needed so that my dear friends who resides in the very heart of Mumbai will not recommend some state of the art technologies that are available to only them.

As for the speed, I need at least 2Mbps. If connection is reliable, 2Mbps is more than enough. But for god sake, the faster the better, of course.

Seem Air tel is out of question. Unless they extend range to this place (which will not happen).
I am sure MTNL and Tikona are available here. I found grave troubles with both customer services.
MTNL is not accommodating to me since I am a foreigner. They demand whole list of my company documents (which the company does not wish to reveal). It is government too and the technician will take leave, move appointment day/time whenever they please etc.
As for Tikona, they are notorious in all forums and reviews.
I am wishing for other options.

Only if airtel service here....That rapid 175 plan will do me fine. But No airtel here as far as I know.
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