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Need processor and motherboard for gaming...

Rahul Kavlekar

Broken In
my rig:-
PSU-Seasonic s12 520
Graphics card-radeon hd 6670 1gb ddr5 (will be upgrading to GTX 650 ti boost in july)
Monitor- 1600 x 900 Aoc
RAM-2 X 2gb acer ddr3 1333 mhz(Will be upgrading to kingston hyperX 4gb ddr3 1600)
Budget- 12,000(can stretch to 13000 max)

Mainly for gaming.
Rahul Kavlekar

Rahul Kavlekar

Broken In
thanks guys..
will go with fx 6300
and gigabyte 970a -ds3

But will there be performance drop if motherboard with 760g chipset is used??
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