Need new mobile suggestion for dad

So, how is POCO X5 Pro 5G 256 GB?
Any good Snapdragon SoC device within that below ~>25k budget?
I will make purchase on or before 22nd March.

priority wise brands
1. Samsung with Snapdragon SoC
- Don't have any good device within 20k budget.
2. Xiaomi Redmi POCO with Snapdragon SoC
- All prices are high even after budget,
MIUI problem is there, so after purchase I can live with no MIUI and Security updates. Users complaining hard bricked devices after MIUI and Security updates.
3. No moto due to stock os but can be considered as 3rd preference
- POCO x2 is flashed with pixel experience rom and dad didn't like it. I tried changing different roms but no luck.
4. realme iqoo and others can be avoided due to their UI but can be considered 4th preference.
1. Doesn't exist. A52s 5G on sale at 25-27k would have still held well as android 14 will be its last OS update, but its OOS. Poco X5 pro launched with android 12, so android 14 is its best case scenario as well (it should have launched with android 13)

2. X5 pro is decent from Xiaomi - software is its con

3. I can understand aversion to lack to stock because of lack of features. Maybe Nothing Phone 1 can fill the gap left by Oneplus.

4. BBK has similar UI to Xiaomi with better software updates, so I'll rate BBK's UI higher.

Around 25k, my usual recommendations are Nothing Phone 1 & Pixel 6a for a bit higher price. Moto Edge 30 for something cheaper. X5 Pro can be considered if you want MIUI because of familiarity.

Upcoming launch to look forward to -
Samsung A34 5G on 16 Mar - Dimensity 1080 (weaker than S778G but good enough for normal tasks & no inefficiencies like Exynos) - IMO might be 25k. Its con will be that it is overpriced, but that's not as bad of a con as inefficient Exynos in my books because phones like A53 are overpriced as well as have exynos.
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