Need help starting my laptop search


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Hey friends, posting after a long long time. So I have to buy a new laptop soon and I am not in sync with the laptop market with so many companies and new models trickling in everyday.

I have some requirements in mind and am seeking guidance and suggestions from fellow geeks on what price range to look at or which particular models to consider.

Usage : Mostly media consumption and running plex server, heavy browsing (think atleast a couple dozen tabs), web development, streaming virtual desktops
Budget : Would prefer something in 50-60k range but can move up to 90-100k if can't find something cheaper.
Requirements :
Processor - >= i5 6th gen intel
RAM - atleast 8GB, upgradable would be nice
Screen - 15.6 inch, Full HD, Matte would be nice
HardDisk - 1TB, onboard SSD/option to upgrade would be nice but isn't must have
Backlit Keyboard
Connectivity/Ports - WiFi AC, Bluetooth 4.1 LE, USB 3 (Type C would be great), LAN port is good to have but not necessary
Others - Thin & lightweight profile. Good battery life.

Brand preference - Looking for a Windows machine so no Apple, also in the past have seen HP models plagued with overheating issues. If that's not an issue anymore then can look into HP as well. Otherwise any brand with good warranty and after sales service is ok.

I guess my requirements are far fetched for my budget or maybe they aren't, but that's the point of this post. I want to know the price points at which I can expect the feature set I am looking for. Brand series which cater to my requirements.

Thanks in advance friends.
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