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need help pls on my rig !!!!!fast!!people!!!!

INTEL I-5 (2500k) @11690
ASUS P8Z77-V LX @10,971
1TB SATA WD @4125
ATI 7850 2GB DDR5 SAPPHIRE @14400
DELL 22" LED (ST2220L) @8000
NZXT Gamma @2,000
60413 total
these components are in ma mind n need advice on the mobo cause illl be overclocking highly n getting a liquid cooler after words when overclock so need advice for mobo for best overclocking preffered ASUS mobos mobo price should not exede 13000k .........!!!!!!!!!!thankx in advanced and also a monitor for just 8500k for gaming it should have DVI port and HDMI port and 2-5ms response time and it MUST BE LED MONTIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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nice config

your choice of board is good ASUS ASUS P8Z77-VLX Motherboard vs ASUS P8Z77-M Motherboard vs ASUS P8Z77-M PRO Motherboard vs Gigabyte G1.Sniper M3 Z77 Motherboard: Compare Motherboards: Flipkart.com
only board which is near 13K is M-Pro, check the board comparision.
Beside Asus boards only Gigabyte Sniper is worth mentioning
M-Pro has additional USB 3.0 ports, beside that not much of difference to VLX, and yes it micro-ATX

and a suggestion would be spend 1-1.5K more to get 2TB drive and maybe different cabinet like Corsair 400R.

for RAM currently G-Skill is better option than Corsair
well then imust tell u that i wiil be buying a ssd ,cm storm stryker , a liquid cooler ,and a pair of kb and mouse after an year im just talking that which will be good for overclocking no budget incresase just for mobo . but BTW!! thanxfor ur suggestions !!!!!!! have more then pls !!!!!!!!!!u r appreciated


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hmm, well, you have chosen the components well, most of the people will say that and will not have much different comment.
BTW, in other thread topgear said he has bought M-Pro in less than 11K, if this is correct and it is available, then for sure M-Pro is the mobo to go
Asus P8Z77-M PRO @ 10.7k on Delta Periphereals - great deal IMo


and a question -- are you getting single chip of 8 GB or 2x4GB.
I suggested 2TB drive because even later if you buy you will not get 1TB in 1.5K, that is why 2TB comes out better.

and dood please do not try to sound like "!!!!!!! have more then pls !!!!!!!!!!u r appreciated " otherwise STFU
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well m pro ocls good but i wanna no that hows ASUS P8 Z77 V LX for Ocing n yes ill be buying a single G . skill of 8 gb cause it provide more space for further updates n i wanna no than the cooler u ve suggested is pretty good but does it blocks and ram slot or no and yes i like ATX BOARDS cause the llok good inside my future cabby CM STORM STRYKER !!!!!!!!!!!

SORRY for my RUDE language REALLY sorry!!!!!!!!!!

and wat about the corsair hydro series h60 cooler <liquid> cause of the ram slots and its looks!!!!!!!! its damn COOOL~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Asus P8 Z77 V LX is a very good overclocker.It has crossfireX support but doesn't support SLI.

1.ASUS P8Z77-V LX eTeknix review
2.ASUS P8Z77-V LX kitguru review

Conclusion by kitguru
It would be fair to say that we are quite impressed with the Asus P8Z77-V LX as it performs extremely well for a budget oriented motherboard. It’s also attractive looking for a value offering and features Asus’ trademark black and blue colour scheme. We’re also very happy that Asus use the same excellent UEFI interface from their performance motherboards on their value range too.

We managed to achieve an impressive 4.7 GHz stable overclock with this motherboard when we paired it with our Intel Core i7-3770K processor. This is noteworthy for a very competitively priced motherboard like the P8Z77V-LX. It achieved very similar performance results to the much more expensive ASRock Z77 Xtreme6 which is a great feat.

Conclusion by eteknix
Performance wise, we can see that the board was able to keep up with a whole host of other boards from different brands across all tests, with certain benchmarks giving stronger results on the P8Z77-V LX than some of the higher-end boards we had to compare with.

Overclocking was exactly the same story, with us believing at first that overclocking would be far behind that of what we’ve seen on the likes of the Maximus V Gene, Z77-GD65 and G1.Sniper M3 but boy how was we wrong. We managed to get to 4.7GHz, which isn’t exactly fantastic in this day and age, when SandyBridge was giving us 5GHz across a variety of boards, but not only does Ivy Bridge not give the same clocks, but our chip is one of the worst performing we’ve ever seen, let alone the worst we’ve ever used.

With strong performance and overclockability that can rival some of the high-end boards, it seems that this board offers everything needed for those wanting to upgrade to a Z77 based system that has support for both 2nd and 3rd generation Intel processors. With a price point of £95, it’s unbelievable value for money, and we can certainly see retailers adopting this board with an i5 3570k and memory bundle for amazing bang for buck greatness.

According to reviews it is a good motherboard and is good enough for overclocking.In both the reviews they achieved 4.7GHz with ivy bridge based i7 3770k which is quite good considering the fact that ivy bidge doesn't overclock as well as sandybridge processors.


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well to avoid confusions people prefer ATX boards, and yes noctua is quiet big cooler
to know correctly read the reviews on M-Pro which micro-ATX board, VLX being ATX board should not have such issues
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