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hai tech savvies,

am a final year student of a medium rated engineering college in south kerala. plenty of my seniors got multiple offers previous year.
but thats not the situation right now.only few companies like musigma.capegemini,erricson and ibs so far visited our college.and the no.of students placed are very less comparing to previous year statistics.and am one among the unlucky jobless people.
what is the situation in IT comapnies?
are they in a position to recruit a mass number in 2013?

am worried

pls help me....
It would help if you mention what branch you are from. I'm assuming you are from CSE and posting whatever is below.

Yes, this time recruitment for mass IT jobs is little less. Infosys usually offers final semester internship to its recruits and this time it never contacted any students from my college who were recruited for the internship.

Anyway, I suggest you try applying off-campus to IT companies like TCS, CTS, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Mindtree, etc. All these companies also go on off-campus recruitment after the campus drive is finished (I suppose by now campus drive should be in final stages) so apply soon. If you're more confident, try applying to bigger companies off campus. Try Intel, McAfee, Symmantec, EMC2, Intuit, Cisco, Qualcom, Broadcom, NetApp, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. It helps if you have a senior from college placed in a company give you a referral there (includes all kinds of companies) so catch hold of someone you know who can help you out. I haven't provided enough names since I cannot think of any more, so start collecting names of companies to apply to.

Before all this prepare a good quality resume.

And check out this exam called eLitmus. Just google it up. Its this company which conducts exams and short lists candidates to be sent to multiple companies for direct interviews. eLitmus :: India's largest fresher assessment and recruitment company. |

For doing background research on companies, best place is * Also check out sites like Programming Interview Questions | CareerCup and GeeksforGeeks for awesome interview patterns and questions of big companies.

PS: I have provided names. These are leads you need to google up yourself. Nobody can spoon-feed you (sorry if I sound harsh) because people who need to be spoon-fed usually never end up getting the jobs anyway and often do miserably at interviews. And its going to take a LOT of googling around. One of my friends took 3 days of googling, searching, reading and filling up forms when following the same advice. Problem is the websites of these companies are often painful to search. And he admitted that it was a serious pain in the a$$ but in the end it was worth it and he is now with a nice job. You'll learn a lot in the process of following these leads itself. So start now and happy job hunting. May cans of Red Bull guide you :D
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