need help in buying a good 19' LCD monitor

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I need some advice in buying a 19' LCD monitor.Can anyone suggest a good monitor that's good for gaming and movies?. My budget is under 12,000


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I would say a clear NO for 22" monitor. Reason:

1) It has the same resolution that a 20" has.
2) 2" more and you get a fullHD (1080p) supported monitor, which does not cost much when compared to 22"

Three days ago I bought Dell 198WFP. Searched a lot and took this one, reason being

1) A DVI port on this monitor
2) 1000:1 typical contrast ration
3) Breathtaking color reproduction.
4) superb contrast.

Don't fall for 1908WFP. This one, though has extra usb ports etc, fails when it comes to performance. Lack contrast and sharpness.

Samsung's monitor with inbuilt DVI port costs around 12k and Dell 198WFP costs around 9,800.

Don't go for Viewsonic as digitiians are reporting failures and lack of performance for these.

I don't know much about acer and other manufacturers.

You can also check the 20" Dell monitor, model number I think is something like 2008WFP. This one costs around 12k.

If your computer does not have a DVI port, you can go for the following:

1) Dell 198WFP
2) Samsung 932nw or 940 nw


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AOC 913FW is a decent monitor for the price and looks stylish and elegant. But comes without dvi so better opt for later model the 917 if you are particular about AOC brand.


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Check the Westinghouse brand. Their products are very cheap and they work well in my experiences. My 19in widescreen I got 2 years ago has been working great with no problems whatsoever. It's got DVI (and VGA if you care), and the picture quality is very nice. The only gripe I have with it is that you can't adjust the monitor position left or right (you technically can adjust it up or down, but not much).

The one I have is the L1951NW. I think it's the cheapest one. They have many different monitors so browse around.
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Just to inform u that my friend purchased a 19"W Acer LCD at 8700 Rs.

Nowadays, Acer LCD's r the cheapest here(Surat or Gujarat)


@desiibond The model no is Acer AL1916W.

U can find reviews by searching google, therefore i have not posted the pics.
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