Need guidence regarding to the online industrial traing in ece.

Richa K

Right off the assembly line
This is Richa from Chandigarh and I'm in the final year of B. Tech ECE . Currently I'm in the final year of B. Tech. and preparing for GATE. We are supposed to do our industrial training in our last semester means from Jan to June. But it is affecting my GATE preparations so instead of going for real on the spot training I'm looking for online training (working from home). But meanwhile I dont want to waste the 6 months of my life so I want to learn something valuable.
(1) I've heard of Adormi and Silicon India in Banglore who provide online training and I want to know if their training is really valuable or not.
(2) Is their any place where I can have the online training in field of vlsi and embedded technology.
(3) Is my decision to do so is right.
Plz help me to solve this problem.

I would like to learn vlsi logical designing. I'm quiet confused so plz reply as soon as possible.


Right off the assembly line
Hey hi Richa you can for it, if you are looking for online training for that I don't think you have to go Bangalore easily you will get on google serp and if you have made your mind to do, then please do it, of course you have made a right decision so care on.
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