Need buying advice for HDD online


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Hi ,
I want to buy new HDD for my dell latitude notebook.
I am looking for WD Blue model 1 TB (WD10SPZX)/500 GB (WD5000LPCX) but will be fine with any make if i can get genuine one with warranty.
Can anyone suggest where can i get genuine HDD with warranty in india with online shopping?
(I have seen in amazon/flipkart mostly negative reviews saying out of warranty/OEM drives received.)

Please share the links you know where i can get genuine HDD online.
Appario seller is amazon itself, so genuine products unless mentioned as renewed.


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Hi @ramusw427 !
Those shops are also good but Amazon has good return policy which you can use if the drive is dead at the arrival, due to poor transit journey.
Usually people here suggest to get the HDD from local shop and bring it very carefully since the mechanical drives are quite susceptible to failures because of jerks or shakes.
And I completely agree with this suggestion. Consider getting HDD offline.
If it is SSD, you could buy from online retailers.
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