Need an external webcam

Hi, I need an external webcam to use with a MacBook Pro.

General constraints -

1. Preferably would have a USB-C connection, but not a deal-breaker.
2. Do wireless webcams exist? I can't get a clear model in India but would love a wireless model.
3. Budget is something around 2-3k but can stretch to 3k for a wireless model.
4. Full HD would be really nice.



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con: 720p.

I have this one. Sharp but sometimes grainy pic/1080P, well built.

Con: It is unusually ultra wide. Folks on the other wise will be able to see your entire room .... some like it some don't. I asked few I called and they found this one better than this:


vito scalleta

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bad idea.. get a proper webcam and be done with it. Using phone as webcam will make it go hot..
if op has a spare phone that is not being used currently I would advise to try as the difference in quality between a phone's cam and a web cam is night and day.

vito scalleta

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You buy a cheap tripod for that. First test the phone with cam app, if image results are food then go for stand or tripods

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there are stands for this which can be bought for around 300 Rs.

This is what I have. But this is very strong. You can go for cheaper ones.
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