Need Advice On A Decent Laptop which can Handle Video Editing / Encoding.


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1) What is your budget? (INR or USD)

- 70 - 80 k - Lower is better

2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer?

- 15.6" FHD display is preferable...No weight restriction.

3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook?

- My Primary purpose to run Video Editing Software like Premier Pro, Vegas, Power Director, Open Shot etc with Live Preview window (smooth playback)...Before Export to the final format <-----Main Criteria.

5) Any typical configuration in your mind you're eyeing for ?

- Yes,

1. Dell Inspiron 5567 - Intel Core i7 7500U Processor ( 7th Gen ) - 16 GB DDR4 RAM - AMD Radeon R7 M445 (only need to change HDD to SSD)

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2. Asus GL552VX-DM261T - Intel Core i7 6700HQ (6th Gen) - 8 GB DDR4 Ram - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M (Need Ram & SSD Upgrade)

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3. Dell Inspiron 5000 Core-i7-6500u (6th Gen) - 16GB DDR4 Ram - AMD Radeon R5 M335

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4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?

Not sure about Asus but in my place Dell have Service Center - Never own anything Major from ASUS in my past 15 years computer usage life.

6) Anything else you would like to say?

..Though my initial requirements to work with 1080p 60fps video but I like to know if the above config can handle 4k files. I saw AD from Intel that i7 7th gen laptop can handle 4k content editing.

..Preferable to run the laptop without battery when I'm at home as my home's computer outlet fully backed up with sine wave UPS + Inverter...Option 2 and 3 can do that easily.

Please let me know - Choosing Laptop instead of desktop,cause I need portability.
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Wait for Kabylake quad core i7s. The 8 threads in HQ proccys will reduce rendering time.

Don't get a U series i7 proccy as it has only 2 cores and honestly is just a much higher clocked i5/i3 IMO.

As for that asus laptop, 950m isn't worth anything over 60k.

Try to get a quote from Azom or import a laptop from xotic pc.

BTW, New XPS 15 is rumored to come with GTX 1050 and Kabylake HQ proccys (source: New Dell XPS 15 Leaks With Quad Core Kaby Lake, GTX 1050 GPU | News & Opinion |


I'm not an expert but aren't more cores better for video encoding? You are listing laptops with U range processors which have dual cores with HT. Better to go with laptops with i7 6700HQ like the ASUS one you listed. 6700HQ has almost twice the Passmark score as ULV i7s.


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Thanks for the posting all the inputs & layout the facts - didn't know much about these variants - Thanks Guys pointing out everything.

Now, Looks like other than ASUS in their ROG line up NO other manufacturer use (or want to) HQ variant and that is only available on 6th Gen.
Intel® Processor Numbers: Laptop, Desktop, and Mobile Devic

According to the above link i7 - 7th Gen only available U or Y variant.

Anyhow I find another model of Dell which is similar spec as Lenovo Ideapad 80SV00FFIH but comes with extra 128 GB M2.SATA SSD and 1 TB HDD <----I believe this is the exact thing I need to store all the project file / rendering space where SSD do the editing / mixing etc etc......BUT....SADLY it is again 7500 U processor with GTX 940MX.

priced higher than Lenovo but looks stunning...below the link.

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Anyhow read almost all buyers review with different variant of ASUS ROG and all are complaining about ASUS's Service and there are countless problem about track pad issue and other stuff etc...So I'm not confident about investing to ASUS product.

Well....I'm in utter disappointment.
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