Need a new router for 4k streaming and gaming

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking to buy a new router, I'm not much familiar with all the networking Jargon so please excuse me.
Below are my requirements :

My Internet connection : Act 150 Mbps plan, Hyderabad.
Devices I use : LG 4K TV with Xbox one x or Netflix with 4k video stream.
Other Peripherals : MacBook,Iphone6,Oneplus5T

I am currently using a basic router from TPLink, but I'm facing low speeds on my xbox like 60 Mbps even when all the other devices are not being used.Same goes with laptop as well.

Any suggestions on which router to buy ? I don't want to go for really expensive routers as I won't be able to use its full features. Any Midrange router that can give me reliable good speeds with a budget of 5K or less will be perfect for me.
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