Need a Basic Phone for my Grandma !!


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hi guys..

as title says.. i need a basic single sim phone for my 85 years old grandma with SOS button which will be a added bonus though not so important.. I am looking at a phone which has big display and big buttons so that she can press it clearly without wearing glass.. other requirements are - it should have good speaker, good bright display, FM radio and good battery backup which should easily last 1-2 days.
And yes i did some research on google before posting. found few brands who specialises on senior citizens phones like iBall Asaan3/Easyfone/Samsung Guru.. but i dont know how well they are built or call quality etc.. because i dont want to gift her a phone which last only few days and goes kaput.. that will be a big embarrassment.

So if you guys have any idea.. i know its little tricky.. but please free to suggest..

Budget: 8k
Display: 3 inch
Dual Sim: NO
Preferred brands: Anything which can last 2-3 years easy
Camera: Not necessary
Preferred OS: Basic
Connection options: None
Primary use: Calling..Phone must have FM radio.
Previous phones used: Nokia


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Gionee L800 -2.2k

Link:Gionee L800 [MENTION=305095]Flip[/MENTION]

Specs:Gionee L800 - Full phone specifications

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