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Need a 144Hz monitor.


Right off the assembly line
I wanna get a new monitor but I cant really find the right one. I need the following features :
1) Should be 27-29 inches in size
2) Refresh rate should be 144Hz
3) Response time 1ms
4) QHD resolution (2560x1440)
5) Has warranty in India.
Budget around 60K.


Broken In
You can get a 144hz 27inch monitor at half of your budget only. Check the Zowie XL2720 which is available for around 30k and is of professional grade.


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Another option AOC AGON AG241Q...24 inch, qhd , 144hz, response 1ms...price 35k

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1440p 144hz is very hard to run, unless you have atleast a 1080ti..
Would recommend 1440p 60-75hz monitor with IPS.
Take a look at LG UD68P.
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