Mouse Problem- Psyco Mouse!!

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I had Windows XP Pro with SP2 with Windows 98 dual
boot installed on my system having 128Mb RAM, NIVDIA
RIVA TNT2 Model 64 graphics card, 40 Gb HDD and
Pentium 4 processor. I had a peculiar problem with my
mouse which has been labelled as Genius and installed
as PS/2 Compatible mouse. It used to run
automatically at times and close open documents and
files, drags items here and there, un-diddelete or
moving actions and almost everything a mouse is
capable of doing. During these 'Psysic Attacks', which
occured very frequently and lasted for a minute or so,
the mouse did not do anything if I didn't move it at
all but when i tried to move the mouse, it moved in
different directions and caused a lot of trouble
clicking and right-clicking here and there. I had the
latest versions of Ad_aware SE and Spybot and have
tried almost all the Spy-ware and Ad-ware removing
Utilities. I have also tried the trial version of
Norton 2005 and had Mc-Afee Virus Scan installed. But
the problem persisted. I also tried Pandasoftware's
online scan but all in vain. This problem persisted on
both of my oses.
Then i formatted the disks by backing up important
data and reinstalled Windows XP Pro and SP2. To my
surprise, the problem still persisted. Now, i have
SuSE Linux PE 9.1 but the problem is still there on
the Linux.
What kind of a problem is this? Now, I'm planning to
get a new mouse which hopefully solves the problem but
I just wanted to know if this will solve my problem or
do I have a problem on my VIA Tech Motherboard? Has
this kind of a problem ever been reported? coz I think
it is really strange!!


due to damage to internal X-Y motion sensing wheels or due to collection of dust, this random motion of the mouse pointer occurs.....but about those actions performed...Hmmm....virus...


Dying mouse

Your mouse is sick and there is no way you can repair it cheaper than getting a new one.
Similar problem for mine, but it didn't do weird things you mentioned, always used to go to left top position. Bought a new one.
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