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Moto X play impressions +guide needed


Broken In
Hi guys
I finally got my moto x play (32gb)
I was very skeptical about the heating issue but after a very long time of waiting and thinking i decided to wait no longer and order the phone despite of its heating issues.After using it for a few days it does heat up upto 40c and your hand starts getting sweaty:shock::mrgreen::mrgreen:.When the battery was on power saving mode the temp went down immediately to 32c :| albeit with reduced performance.Its fast enough with the odd lag and web page freeze,camera is upto my expectations also moto does not give full specs,in specs there was no wi-fi direct and fm with recording but both these features are there.Guys please suggest whether i should buy a scratchguard or not though the phone has gorilla glass 3 but i still worry a lot about scratches .I did order one from flipkart
Unistuff 3034 Super Clear Screen Guard for Motorola Moto X Play - Unistuff : Flipkart.com
but returned it as it was not a proper cutout and didn't fit the screen properly.
Guys should i indulge in a screenguard or not and if you have used any good quality one please send me the link of it.
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