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The Mar2010 Monitor Test in Digit has BenQ G2420HD as Editor's pick while the earlier Monitor Test by Digit (within the last 6 months) had AOC2230FM as the recommended Monitor.

Unfortunately "AOC just couldn't get 'us' products before 'our' deadline" and so now a clear "apples to apples" comparison was not available.

Would greatly appreciate a good comparison between BenQ G2420HD and AOC2230FM.


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Did I mention the "apples to apples" bit or are you adding that?

It's very hard to rate two monitors subjectively when you are not testing them together, because half of the testing is relative and subject to the differences your eyes see. The Spyder3Elite tests apart, everything is subjective.

I'd say the BenQ was better priced and offered more value. Not everyone wants a memory card reader on their monitor, which I believe the 2230FM had. It's also a 22" VS a 24" - same price - similar performance - no brainer - go with the larger screen.
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