Money debited from account after failed IMPS transaction,what to do now?


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Yesterday i attempted to perform an IMPS transaction from my Bank of baroda a/c to a savings a/c that i have at Federal bank,using mobile app.I have done this a couple of times in the past and there were no issues.However last night the transaction failed with a request timed out error but the money was debited from my account.
I immediately checked by BOB a/c balance and discovered that the funds have not been transferred to this a/c,even though the money was gone from my indusind a/c.

I've waited almost 12 hrs since then but the money has not yet been credited to my bank of baroda account.

So i am worried about this and wondering how can i recover the lost money-is it gone permanently or is there any way to get it back?
I have written to the customer care of Bank of baroda but till now there has been no response from their end(apart from a customary acknowledgement email).Please advice what steps should i take now recover the missing fund
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