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Modified xps

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what exactly is your question ? Are you talking about some skins for windows XP ? Could you provide some more information ??? And this should really be in the Q&A section ? Doesnt have anything to do with games mate.


Right off the assembly line
Possible solution...

You may try SHELL enhancers, that completely change the look and feel of your desktop.

To name a few..

:idea: S/W : Talisman Desktop 2.95
:arrow: URL : http://www.download.com/Talisman-Desktop/3000-2341_4-10475971.html?tag=lst-0-5

:idea: S/W : Object Dock
:arrow: URL : http://www.download.com/ObjectDock/3000-2341_4-10421168.html?tag=lst-0-9

:idea: S/W : Aston 1.9.1
:arrow: URL : http://www.download.com/Aston/3000-2341_4-10328390.html?tag=lst-0-10

:idea: S/W : Windows Blinds 5.0
:arrow: URL : Was very long, visit download.com

For theme editing:
Try Windows Blinds 5.0, Style XP 3.0

Will let you know when I find more..

till then.. Bye! :D
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