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My Wife wants to gift her mother with a new phone as the existing iphone 5s has got too old and the battery is almost at EOL.

1. Budget - 10K +/-2K
2. Display type and size - 6" preferred
3. Dual sim - Doesn't matter
4. Preferred choice of brand - Other than Apple
5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera) - A decent one should do
6. Preferred operating system - Android
7. Preferred connectivity options - Dual 4G
8. Primary use of handset - calls, multimedia, social networking & gaming
9. Any specific mobile phones in consideration - Going by the previous threads Moto G30 and POCO M3, but at 1K more Note 10 seems to have SD678
10. Any other info that you want to share - The phone will be used much for videos, occasional gaming & absolutely no banking apps.

I've been using my S8+ and iphone 8+ for the past 3 years now so the current trend/scenario is a vague cloud to me.
If watching videos is a priority, AMOLED screens do the job pretty well. Sadly most options will have 6.5" display & will be a bit heavy at 200g or so.

I bought RN10 for my aunt & followed guides available online to turn off ads. Almost all ad like push notifications are gone, never saw a full-screen ad as well. It is a good phone IMO, provided you can tinker it before giving it to your MIL, otherwise there will be lots of unnecessary notifications (not talking about ones from apps you use, like fb, TOI, etc). For hassle-free OS, Moto G30 with stock android is good, but has 720p panel.

For best performance, Moto G40 fusion at 14k is great with S732G, but has an LCD panel & a bit bulkier than RN10. It has stock android.

Wait for Prime day at end of the month & see what offers you get. Apply for amazon ICICI CC, if you can, easy to get for ICICI customers.


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Thanks for your input.
The budget is constrained to 10K strictly, hence RN10 is out of question.
How is the redmi 9 power, considering 4/64GB?
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