.mobi domain names. Worth buying now?

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.mobi is the domain name for webpages that will be displayed on mobile phones. In India these are being sold by net4india....

But are they worth buying now?

Will the existing content on .com, .org, .net, etc. pages be duplicated on .mobi?

Who will design .mobi pages for mobile phones? And where will they be hosted?


.mobi domain names are not only sold by net4india, but by directi and me too ;)

But IMO, this is not the right time to go for it, unless you have a great plan in place.

Existing content can be duplicated, but you have to re-code the pages in most cases.

Anyone (including you and me) can design web-pages for a mobile phones. Go to http://www.w3schools.com and have a look at WML tutorial ;)

They can be hosted in the same way as other web-sites on a linux/windows server.

Just to try, I have made a small WAP site long back on my hosting space. If you have a GPRS capable handset and you have got it enabled from your mobile service provider, you can go to the following page through your mobile phone.

It just contains some 128x128 wallpapers for mobile. If you want to preview those wallpapers through your comp, you can go here
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