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Microsoft Announce Vista [vs] Apple Announce Leopard

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Source : http://www.looprumors.com

Just weeks after Microsoft invited the world to trial Vista, the next version of Windows, Apple’s announced it willl soon be publicly unwrapping its new OS. Known as Leopard - or, more prosaically, version 10.5 - the new OS will be shown off to developers and tech journos at a bash in San Francisco starting 7th August. So far, Apple has disclosed very little about Leopard, beyond its shipping date. Here's how the company’s first new OS since it switched to Intel chips from PowerPC processors may look. However, please note that the release is still a year away and any of these features could be changed.

The operating system will be available for both PowerPC and Intel processors. Builds since 10.0 have been written for both processors, but never publicly available as a retail product until Leopard.


Those bouncing icons in your dock will come alive. According to reports, the dock icons will have `life' added to them when opening an application or alerting users about an application. Alert sounds to accompany the animation are also being developed but may not be included with the final release.

Though so far every new release of the Mac OS has seen new desktop pictures and screen-savers, these two items may be combined into one, allowing a screen-saver to run on the desktop, behind windows and applications.

Leopard is said to incorporate tighter integration with the iPod. The OS may allow users on two different machines use one iPod. A shared Home directory too may be made available to users of multiple machines

iChat too may get new features. iChat 4 may allow users to chat with multiple people in one window by using tabs. Another feature Apple is working on is whiteboard, a common window, shared between users live that will allow images, sketches and documents to be transferred live and stored for later use and access. iChat 4 may also record video chats and save them as Mpegs allowing users to play them later.

The latest release of iPhoto gives a preview of what users can expect in Apple's iApps. A full-screen calendar (iCal) that can be used as a desktop picture. iTunes will also allow users to run in full-screen, optimizing the screen real estate on displays such as the 17" iMac.

Leopard will bring tighter home integration allowing users to control certain features within their homes. Applications such as iChat, Keynote, and iPhoto may carry the ability to "photocast" and "videocast" images, video and music to users' television, allowing for videoconferences, presentations or slideshows on television. The company is also testing ways to monitor home remotely, using the iSight camera, and control turning on and off lights, alarms, etc.

Leopard may allow users to send specific information between two computers for troubleshooting purposes. Another feature will be the ability to mirror the screen over the Internet or a network

Information suggests that Apple is also developing a new telephony application into Leopard. Features include on-screen Caller ID, desktop dialing, speakerphone, and voicemail. Users will be able to access numbers from their Address Book, cellphone (iPhone) via Bluetooth, among others.


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And ofcourse, we will see all these features in the next version of Windows which will be released in 2010 or maybe 2011.


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Microsoft actually copied the Mac OS Look 'n Feel and used it with some slight changes!! All the features
found in Leopard 10.5 will be available in the next version of Windows - one that comes after Vista!!


JGuru said:
Microsoft actually copied the Mac OS Look 'n Feel and used it with some slight changes!! All the features
found in Leopard 10.5 will be available in the next version of Windows - one that comes after Vista!!
microsoft actually did it when they copied some features(look)of mac os and put it in there windows 2.0( or 3.0 not sure which one)
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