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Looking to buy I.E.M. Budget 1.5-2k

Hi guys,

I want to buy I.E.M priced around 1.5k. Mostly listen to tracks from Led zepp, pearl jam, bob dylan, The rolling stones, the animals etc. Would also be using these for watching movies. I had soundmagic PL30 but they were faulty and I had to return them(havent got a replacement even after 3 months). So, after-sales service is a priority. Definitely not buying soundmagic again. If you can suggest something from pristine note that'd be helpful (since I bought PL30 from this vendor and they are offering to give me something else after deducting some amount for the PL30 that is taking a long time to be replaced).


Broken In
The Brainwavz M1 is the only IEM at pristine note that's in your price range.You can also go for the Meelectronics M6 from prime ABGB which is at 1.5k, but if you liked the (mostly)flat SQ of the PL30 then it will take some time for you to get used to the SQ of the M6 like it did for me.

MEElectronics M6 Powerful In-Ear Headphones


I had M1 too and they too were faulty. Faced the same problem with them. Could you suggest some other brand?(with good presence in India)?


Couldn't recommend anything better than Twinwoofers, otherwise XBA4, while xba 3 and 2 to me aren't recommendable. If you have more money, spend it on Klipsch s4, otherwise dont bother.


I own the Twinwoofers. They are decent for the price. But warranty is an issue.

Luckily, my black ones are working for 8 months now, and i wrote my review around 8 months ago. Till now, i haven't had issues, but a few things that i noticed is that Tekfusion took my bro's pair and replaced with their brand new white edition free of cost within 30 days.

So, if you're patient enough, you don't have to worry about the warranty, they're definitely going to replace. They did deal with my bro very well, though their emails look like coming directly from a bot. Lol.


Would recommend you to increase your budget by 300-400 and get yourself a Vsonic GR02 BE from www.hifinage.com .It has got good reviews from its users as well as on Head-Fi. I have never listened to 1 but its the new hot selling favourite sub 2.5k
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