Looking to buy a mobo to pair my i5-6600k , suggestions needed


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Hello everyone

I have recently purchased a i5-6600k and lookong for a good mobo , i understood that i require a z170 to make good use of that processor since it is unlocked 'k' version. But which z170 i have to go for ? My budget is 10k and i was going for msi but i heard msi doesn't have a service center in india.

So the choices available are Asus and gigabyte , so which z170 mobo is good for my procy?

Also I'm looking forward to purchase the deepkool kendomen cabinet which comes with 5 pre installed fans and have been hearing good news about its cooling. Btw the cabinet is around 4.2k , so is it worth for that price or am i missing something good at that price range?

P.s : cannot increase budget since that is the max i can spend. Already purchased gtx 1060 , seagate 2tb @7200 .


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You can go with the following in terms of quality & after market service.

Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Asrock, ECS.

Asus mobos are costly when compared with other brands but has more features.

So OP can go with Gigabyte Z170-D3H @ 11.5k

OP requires an after market CPU Cooler like CM Hyper 212x for better cooling.

Yes, Deepcool Kendomen is good in terms of cooling options at cheap cost.

OP should have purchased WD Caviar Blue 2TB @ 5k
WD has impeccable quality followed with better after market service.

If possible OP should exchange or return the Seagate and get WD Caviar Blue 2TB HDD.

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