Looking For Monitor For Programming

1. Budget?
30k max. Preferably around 25k.

2. Display type and size?

Preferring an ultrawide 32 inch. The monitor will be 2 feet from my eyes so also need it to be sharp.

3. What will the TV/monitor be used for primarily?

Home office. Primary use will be development, followed by some photo editing.

4. Types and number of ports required?

Prefer a USB-C connection to run it with MacBook Pro and avoid buying a dongle.

5. Preferred choice of brand?
I like Dell Ultrasharp but have no brand preference as such.

6. Any TV/monitor in consideration?


7. Any other info that you want to share.

Curved display not important. Slim bezels are also nice but not a deal breaker,


I'm using LG 27UK850, its very expensive but it has the requirement you need. A single USB Type c cable capable of powering the laptop+ display + usb hub at the back of monitor.

There is an ultrawide model also with same specs.



One more option but this doesnt have USB PD, it only has USB C to directly connect to macbook for displayport
Actully it says 1 USB Type-C™ (upstream, power delivery up to 15 W).. Refer to macbook pro manual, it may not charge properly with this and could cause damage, so research well before buying.


In the zone
So I received the 32 inch monitor but was very disappointed with the 2k resolution. On a 32 inch screen and the monitor few fee
t away, it just looked really bad.

I've now got this 27 inch 4k model - Amazon.in: Buy LG 27 inch 4K-UHD (3840 x 2160) HDR 10 Monitor (Gaming & Design) with IPS Panel, HDMI x 2, Display Port, AMD Freesync - 27UL500 (Silver Stand with White Body) Online at Low Prices in India | LG Reviews & Ratings

Since you need it for programming not movies I think it is a better choice. Enjoy your purchase.
I am looking for a wholesome upgrade. 32" IPS 10 bit 2k, 144 hz and height adjustable. It is too much to ask for less than 40k so I am for now going to use my 24" LMAO.



This is the one I used, got it from AliExpress.

Just buy the cheapest one which mentions usb c to hdmi 2.0 or display port 1.2


@rockfella yeah. Images and videos looked really good on the 32-inch model.

For 2k at 144 Hz, do check if your GPU or laptop can support it. My MacBook Pro 16 supports 4k @ 60 fps max so I just discarded all the other high refresh rate options.

For hight adjustability, you can get a monitor arm and attach it to your desk. It will cost around 2k or more depending on what features you pick, but it's definitely cheaper than opting for a height-adjustable monitor.
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