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Vishal Gupta

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Hello everyone

I'm looking for a good digital camera. I just want to use it for taking basic photos and videos in party/functions.

I'm not a pro in this field so don't know much about the features. So please suggest a good camera which can fulfill my requirements.

The quality should be excellent. I have no idea how much do these cameras cost, so please mention the prices as well.

Thanks in advance. :)

Cool G5

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How much are you willing to spend?
Once can get a good digicam from Rs.5K to Rs.5 lakhs.

If you are willing to spend around 10K max, then get Canon A480.
If till Rs.15K, go with Canon SX200 IS or Canon A1000IS.

Cool G5

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Stick with any of the above two & spend the rest of the amount on high capacity memory card along-with rechargeable batteries & charger.


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Congrats Vishal...
though i wanted to suggest you Panasonic .. FZ38 ..anyways happy clicking :D


its an excellent camera man.. dont know why inindia people dont buy much of this... FZ38 .. i hav i have previous version FZ28 .. .. superb camera and 18x Optical zoom.


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You can go with kodak Z980.

Simple to use camera.
user friendly interface.
Great picture quality.
Best camera for beginners who want advance for a Dslr.
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