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looking for a symbol of typewriter


Alakh Niranjan

noticed this on a paper typed on a typewriter. it loks like an intertwined rope. tried a lot but couldn't find it any where. any idea anyone? thanks.

tried to draw it. it looks like the following image but better curved, pardon me for bad drawing. thanks.

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Alakh Niranjan
do u know either exact model no or name(brand) of the typewriter?.whats the content in it?

no dear. i just have a paper typed on it.

is the one at bottom rgt similar? each key has two symbols.some are hidden

nope. updated first post.

This image looks like two naked girls inside 8 symbol

hats off to you if you are still using a Typewriter now :)

updated first post.

i haven't used a typewriter in my entire life. someone sent us a paper submitted in a local sessions court for a case to be filed in High Court. that paper is typed in a very small city court on a typewriter. you will be surprised to know that for a lot many cities in India, paper typed on a typewriter is a luxury. many advocates in the small cities just write on papers and submit it in local sessions court.

and buddy, i think that naked girl part requires some meditation. :nanananana:
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I am the master of my Fate.
that's my perception of viewing that image, no harsh feelings though. Some one will see something else in that image ;)


Alakh Niranjan
^^ i know about perception and personalities very well friend as i was a student of psychology and my brother is a psychiatrist :)


Feel Pain.
Is this the symbol?

Perhaps something at the end of this?


That's the most clear thing I could find.

It is used by Arduino Ide while editing is going on, and the code is not saved.

Deleted member 345628

May be it is the same symbol but the print faded a little?
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