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Sign in as "Remember me".

This is a problem with the load-balancer and we're working towards fixing it.


-_- i am having this issue for last few days , so used to browse forum without loging now . Tried different browsers , disabled adb , finally learned Hard way to select Remember Me

ico , would have been helpfull if there was a Note/Message at login screen to select "Remember Me" while logging


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I also keep getting logged out. Also, as soon as I try to log in to this site, I get the message that the connection is not secure, it is http and not https. If I manually add the 's' and try to open this site using https, I still get the message that the connection is not secure. This hasn't happened in the past. So has the site switched to http?

I wanted to make a new thread in the Feedback section, but the New Thread button is missing, so I had to reply to this thread.
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