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linux's imporatance ????? important plz. comment ??

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mohit sharma

well guys ,
i am a bit confused these days about linux and unixes , well at this time i know the following imporatances of using open source operating systems , these are ::
1 :: they are open sourse , so we can manipulate them as we like to .
2:: they are free.
3 :: less prone to viruses.
4 :: less bugs .
5 :: are stable.

but if you compare them with windows xp point by point then i think only first two points are relevent , and moreover many due to piracy use it for free , if some nice softwares are applied and care taken xp too can be kept free from viruses ( as my xp always remains , lol ) and xp is stable too , bgs are compratively lesser and they rarely affects us !!

these days i am studying structures of unix and linux , so please readers tell me some more qualities if u know them that linux has over xp !!! and why one should go for linuxes for day to day uses , not only for study purposes as for i use it !!!!


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There are some 100 million threads running on this same topic, u cud just hit search and it wud help u out
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