LG is exiting the smartphone business


LG has officially pulled out of the smartphone business. There have been multiple reports in the last two weeks hinting at LG bidding adieu to the smartphone space once and for all, and that has indeed turned out to be the case.
In a public statement, LG confirmed the closure of its mobile division, stating that it will no longer produce and sell new smartphones. The decision was approved by the company’s board of directors on Monday, citing the division’s long slump and stiff competition. Since Q2 2015, LG’s mobile division has been continuously reporting losses. In 2020, the mobile division registered a loss of ~$751 (USD) million.

RIP. :(
I remember using my LG Optimus G E970 for about 4 years before I gave up on finding a replacement battery.


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RIP LG. My first smartphone/ Android phone was LG L9. The 4.7" inch screen was considered massive at that time. I still have it and its turns on running Ice Cream Sandwich.
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My first smartphone was also from LG, Optimus One. The best phone I have ever used. It came with Android 2.2 I believe? Was it Froyo/eclair? It had a 3.2 inch screen (which was good amount of screen) and 512 MB RAM (!!). The developer support on XDA was massive and I remeber running Android 5 on it. Good ol' days LG.


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LG constitutes two of my three smartphones in the last decade!
It's sad to say good bye to LG (partly since my current phone LG G6 is still rocking after 3 years).

Really great video below, for anyone who wants to see how great LG was:

PS: I really want LG Wing phone even knowing LG would shut down support in next 2 years!


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Yeah, LG is bidding adieu to the smartphone business but it has promised to offer updates in the devices for the next three years. Less competition for the other brands. I heard Poco is coming up with Poco M2 Reloaded. Any idea about it?
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