LG announces a 27" personal Smart TV.

Ankit Omar

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Lg has announced a 27" personal smart tv which would have all the features a Smart Tv has. It would be a Full HD ips dispaly and have 3d capabilities as well. the smart features in it would allow you to browse the internet and get connected with facebook and other social networking sites as well...See this link LG MT93 Personal Smart TV announced - News - Trusted Reviews

I like this LG smart TV and would definitely prefer buying it over a 21-inches PC monitor anytime. However, the next question that comes to mind is about its price tag? Any information about its launch in India?


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27 " Doesn't feel so right for me. Infact i would consider it waste of money and rather invest in 42" Smart TV and have one 21 " Smart Pc or Panel.
27 " Just almost sits close to being a full scale Tv but not just there and not enough.
But this to me as a regular user. For Professional i am sure this is one good news. But this doesn't excite me me as a regular consumer.


Broken In
Bigger is considered to be better so going by that logic I wouldn't be surprised if it flops completely.
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