LG 27UD68P?


Hello, I want to buy new monitor but I am really confuse between everything like tn/ips/60hz/144hz/24"/27" & so on....

I have 1070 & I am quite sure that I want IPS panel as I am casual gamer but I am mostly confuse in monitor screen size & resolution.

My budget is around 35k +/-1k. I am getting Lg 27UD68P for 36k but I am really concern about gaming on 4k specially with upcoming games as I don't want to add too much load on my gpu.

So I really want to know is Lg 27UD68P supports 1440p resolution ? Or Is there any other good 27" IPS monitor available at same price with 1440p resolution ?


Yes it supports 1440p, I don't understand why it wouldn't be. There are a couple of benq 1440p 27 IPS monitor at 29k, but they are ugly as hell.
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