[Complaint] Lenovo ships defective/damaged monitor , refuses replacement


Broken In
Here is a chronology of events -
  1. I had ordered a Lenovo ThinkVision X27q-10 monitor on March 7 from www.lenovo.com for Rs 23,155.
  2. The monitor was shipped through Bluedart and was delivered to me on March 14 at 15:00 hrs
  3. I opened the package on March 15 and connected the monitor to the computer. Upon connection, it was clear that the monitor is defective.
  4. I immediately brought the matter to the notice of Lenovo Tech Support on March 15, who assigned a Service Request id - 8012755313 to my case.
  5. To convince them that there is not a single physical damage to the exterior of the monitor, I submitted photographs of the monitor and the package that it arrived in from all possible angles.
  6. I have been told that Lenovo's DoA replacement period is 7 days from the date of order and that period was over on March 15 when I had notified them.
  7. On the other hand, I had received delivery of the item only on March 14. It was not possible for me to bring the issue to their notice even before I had received delivery of the monitor
  8. On March 20, I received a mail from lencare@lenovo.com rejecting the DOA replacement request. A rejection id was mentioned - R190320001
  9. On March 25 i.e today, Lenovo tech support too rejected a replacement citing damage to the monitor as reason.
  10. I have already taken the monitor to the authorised Lenovo service center at Jorhat. They have mentioned that repairing the monitor would cost the same as a new one.
  11. The monitor was manufactured on 07-07-2017 and was delivered to me in March 2019.
  12. Lenovo is now adamant that the monitor has suffered internal damage in my hands and therefore there is no possibility of a replacement. I have consistently stated that there isn't a single scratch on the exterior of the monitor and if there is internal damage, it must have happened during shipping, for which I am not responsible.
I have just lost 23k due to no fault of mine.
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