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lenovo laptop under 62,000


Right off the assembly line
Hello friends,
I am looking to buy a laptop in next 1 month or so. Have been trying to finalize on the product for last couple of weeks but have not made much progress. Would really appreciate your help/guidance.

1) What is your budget? (INR or USD)
INR 62,000 max (can shell out a thousand more but that would be pushing the boundaries :) )

2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer?
screen size - I am targeting 14 & 15.6 inches but anything above 13 inches would do.
Weight - Not more than 2.5 kg is preferred. This is somewhat important as I will be travelling with the laptop more often.

3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook?
MS WORD, EXCEL and similar office apps.
Photoshop at times
Games - I don't play games much and am not expecting it to be a gaming laptop but should be able to run (not so new) games like call of duty MW3, call of duty black ops etc. I don't need them to be playable at high end settings but would expect smoothness at the lowest settings.

5) Any typical configuration in your mind you're eying for ?
Processor - i5 (5th generation preferred). One quick question here which one is better i5-5200U or i5-4210U.
RAM - 4 GB at least
Storage - If it is hdd then anything more than 500 GB would do. If it is SSD then I can settle for 128 GB also. I would also don't mind considering hybrid drivers (SSD + HDD)

4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?
a. Like: Lenovo (favorite), Dell, HP
b. Dislike:

6) Anything else you would like to say?
Screen resolution - FULL HD 1080 x 1920 preferred. It should have crisp color production and good viewing angles. I often share my screen with others when watching something online/videos.
Battery back up - Extended (5-7hrs). It is very important for me to have a decent battery backup (>5 hours at least)
Purchase place - I don't mind purchasing online. I am from West Bengal India.

7) Some other points I would like to share.
a. I have been doing some searching of my own (online and retail stores). I have shortlisted some lenovo laptops like lenovo flex 2, lenovo yoga 500 (or flex 3 in USA), Thinkpad e450 with i5-5200.
The one that ticks all check-boxes is e450. Let me know if you feel the same or if you have a better suggestion. Having a transformer + touch screen laptop means nothing to me as I will not be using those features.
b. I wonder why lenovo thinkpad e450 (20DDA01PIG) ThinkPad E450 costs less than lenovo thinkpad e450 (20DDA01TIG) ThinkPad E450 even though the cheaper one has better processor I think (this is why I made the processor query above)
c. lenovo flex 2 comes with graphics also but it is not a thinkpad so I guess the ruggedness will not be there (like spill proof keyboard, extreme temperature proof etc.)
d. I think dell 7348 is also a good laptop (cost around 56k on shopclues) Dell Inspiron 7348 (Ci5-4-500GB-Win8) Silver: Buy Online from ShopClues.com Let me know your suggestions.
e. Thinkpad e450 is only available on lenovo store online and maybe on their stores on ground but it is not available on other shopping sites I checked. So how do I get a chance to demo the product if I want to ?

Would really appreciate feedback/suggestions from you guys.

Thank you for your time.


Don't stick to one brand, lenovo is loosing the edge unless they update their line up with 900M series.

Asus ROG GL552JX DM087D Core I7 4720HQ 4GB 1TB 15 6" Full HD 4GB Graphics | eBay is the best config you can get in 60k.

Also, you are asking too much in this budget. 5-7 hours battery life with good FHD screen and proper quad core i7 proccy (always use the laptop plugged in), less than 2.5 kg weight but 15.6" screen (school kids carry 3-4kgs in bags everyday). Those options in the pairs contradict each other.

Both i5 5200U and 4210U are crap if the laptop costs 52k+ and lacks any of FHD screen, GT 940M atleast, 8 GB ram or 1 TB HDD

Inspiron 7348, not worth over [strike]45k[/strike] [strike]42k[/strike] 40k (didn't knew dell india is broke)
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Right off the assembly line
Thank you Saiyan for the quick response.

For me gaming is not that important.

I will be using the laptop like a laptop and not pc which would mean that it will be used outside while not being able to be plugged in always. Hence better battery life and less weight. Please avoid assuming that only school children carry lappy in their bags.
I don't expect i7 in this budget, for screen as I said anything over 13 inch would help and it is not necessary to be a 15.6 inch one.

I think e450 dos is available for something around 52k. Please review and let me know how is it.

The rog you recommended is in thai+english imported and is no longer listed on ebay. I understand that asus provides international support. Please check. Moreover I feel that if you could kindly make some compromises in gaming aspects and help me choosing other laptop that are more on other features it would help.

Really appreciate your help.
I guess you need a good screen laptop with 5hr battery backup, which should be able to play all games. If yes, check this
HP Pavilion 15-ab034TX (Notebook) (Core i7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 2GB Graph) (M2W77PA) Rs.63989 Price in India - Buy HP Pavilion 15-ab034TX (Notebook) (Core i7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 2GB Graph) (M2W77PA) Blizzard White Online - HP : Flipkart.com

It has 1080p anti glare display & good enough performance, the ULV processor will give better battery life than performance oriented M CPUs which is present in the ASUS one

You can even opt for its i5 version & save money (You don't need an i7, i think)
HP Pavilion 15-ab032TX (Notebook) (Core i5/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 2GB Graph) (M2W75PA) Rs.53999 Price in India - Buy HP Pavilion 15-ab032TX (Notebook) (Core i5/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 2GB Graph) (M2W75PA) SIlver Online - HP : Flipkart.com
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