Lenovo ideapad z500 or dell inspiron 15r turbo ?


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I went to a local retailer and checked lenovo ideapad z500
i5 3rd gen 3.5 - 3.10
gpu: nvidia 645m better than inspiron
hdd; 1tb
ram: 8gb
Cost only 50000. I am coming just now from lenovo store.

The specs are better than inspiron 15r turbo.
But i am concerned about reliability of lenovo. I have never used a lenovo before. + the throttling issue in lenovo the z580 has throttling issue *www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Lenovo-IdeaPad-Z580-Notebook.81415.0.html the Y580 also heats up
Should i buy lenovo?
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Ideapads = poor ASS, average build quality AFAIK. Not sure about this model in specific, given the price. Specwise, sound good.
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