lenovo 310 vs 510


Right off the assembly line

I want to buy a laptop for programming needs, so it should be fast enough and having big "arrow" keys really makes difference for me (this model comes with proper arrow keys). I zeroed to Lenovo ideapad 510 (i5 7200U/8GB/4GB Graphics/win 10) but i today i found lenovo ideapad 310 (i5 6th gen/8GB/2GB/Win10). Ok, quick diff with processor benchmark revealed there is 14% gain over 310 in 510 but price wise i see that i get 510 for 52K vs 310 for 40K (after exchange). I can upgrade 8GB to 12/16 GB in that extra 12K.

Look wise both are same, let me know if there are any other features i am missing out and do you think my logic of having extra RAM over processing power makes that
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