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lenevo z510 vs dell inspiron 5537


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Help me to choose the laptop for my frnd. Max budget 60k.
we have selected two laptop lenevo z510 i7, dell inspiron 5537 i7,
sole purpose of laptop is movie and gaming,
kindly guide us for vfm and any better alternatives. Don't have enough money to spend


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When gives the exact same choice, I chose the Dell one because of it's superior GPU. Some people will choose the lenovo one due too it's superior CPU. It's your choice now. CPU vs GPU.

I recommend Dell one.


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Read my review of the Dell Inspiron 15r 5537 in one of the earlier threads.I have done a detailed gaming/synthetic benmarks comparison.


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How is 15R 5537 without a dedicated GPU for normal browsing, office work, visual studio etc? Will it be enough?
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