Legion 5 Pro Confused Hard disk SSD


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Dear friends

I bought recently Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H Product number:82JQ00JDIN in India

It came with 32 GB ram

it has default 1 TB NVME SSD

My question is: (since not clear based on standard documentation)

Can it take another M2. 2280 PCIe nvme ssd?

Can it support 2 TB?

if i purchase Gen 4.0 does it increase speed?

Kindly respond and also suggest good SSD to be purchased as additional storage based on above answers.

Thank You Pls respond


Yes you can put another M2.2280 PCIE nvme ssd.

Yes it supports 2 TB.

No it doesnt support Gen 4.0, get Gen 3.0 SSD only.

I have same laptop, I got a WD SN750. You can also go for SN 570, Samsung 980
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