[LearningOnMacBookAir] Installation of Oracle 10g DB and MSSQL Server 2008 & 2008 R2 DB


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Hello Users,

A newbie Mac User (a week old on my MBAir early 2014 edition),

So, my sincere apologies if I am posting this in the Wrong Section, but couldn't find a suitable sub-forum pertaining to my query.

Anyway, diving straight to the "Point of Concern", : P

I have to install:

1.) an "Express" Edition of Oracle 10g DB
2.) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 & 2008 R2 Standard and/or Developer Edition

for Learning purposes, but I dont want to waste my precious GBs of SSD Space by going the BootCamp Way and then Windows 7 (64bit) OS installation and finally, Installation of both Databases Clients,

I would prefer the Mac OS way, i.e. installation of DBes straight on Mac OS.

So, I am un-aware on "how to" proceed for the same,

Not sure about:

a.) download links for Mac OS Compatible,
b.) installation of the same,

So, need help with the same.

My Apple MacBookAir Specs:
Model: Early 2014
Core i7||8GB RAM||512 GB SSD||OS: Yosemite 10.10.1||Architecture: 64bit

Cheers n e-peace.....


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Not worth the time installing these on Mac. :( Short answer is no.
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