LATEST NEWS! Report: Sarah Connor close to termination ?

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"Maybe the Terminator won't be back.

The small-screen arm of the Terminator franchise, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is on the chopping block, according to the funny-spelled Web site

Terminator hasn't exactly been kicking behind in the ratings department this season, and apparently Fox is ready to pull the plug on the cyborgs. SyFy Portal quotes the ever-present inside source as saying that Fox is very bummed about the numbers. Terminator is drawing crowds of less than 6 million and averaging a 3.7 rating, good for third place in the crowded Monday-night battleground (fourth place if you count ESPN's Monday Night Football).

"Audiences just aren't responding to the show," says the Fox mole. "Our biggest surprise are the 18-to-49s [numbers], those numbers are in the toilet."

Requests for comment from Fox went unanswered as of press time. [UPDATE] Fox reps responded with the following to "The rumors are all speculative and were never fact checked with the network or studio."

Fox suits are also worried that Terminator's Monday-night buddy, Prison Break, is also feeling the pain of Terminator's low numbers. Apparently Fox doesn't think viewers know how to change channels over the course of an evening.

Just over a week ago, also reported that Terminator was on the ropes, with a more likely reason than that audiences are simply not responding to the show. "We're up against Monday Night Football," Terminator star Thomas Dekker told the site. "Which is tricky because we have a lot of football fans."

Monday night is also home to Dancing With the Stars, Chuck, Gossip Girl, and Heroes. In short, it's a bloodbath, with men tuning in to football and ladies checking out Dancing. Perhaps a move to another night could save Terminator?"

This Sucks:(


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Latest News:

Sarah Connor will now be aired on AXN from 15th October 10 PM.


Lena Headey doesn't quite match up to Linda Hamilton [for a million miles]

nice show nevertheless


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Both Terminator and its followup Prison Break havent really been performing well for Fox. Basically at the moment their Mondays primetime is not setting the house on fire.

Fox really wants to hold on to PB. So the chop is likely to fall on Terminator. I read an article that said that Fox believes that the poor lead in is actually hampering Pb's chances.

Anyway, I dont watch Terminator. I am just bothered about PB. I dont want it to get another season but I dont want it to get dropped mid-season (that does seem very unlikely at the moment).


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PB will manage. They shouldn't make it a soap opera that's my only concern.


Prison Break should have ended with season 2, thats what was originally planned. That would have really maintained the intensity of season 1.

Now I hope it ends within another season unless Fox wants to milk even more money out of it.


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I am pretty sure at this moment PB wont get S5, because current ratings are pretty poor.
PB was originally supposed to be a 1 season mini-series. Instead they dragged it over 4 seasons. S3 was total garbage. But S4 is better. E6 was actually pretty awesome.


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I've never seen the Terminator series on TV, but I can definitely comment on PB. PB3 is boring in most episodes. Have to check out S4 from tomorrow ;)
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